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Happiness comes in waves – Eva Cafe, Goa

Personally, I have always loved the sea. Combine this with my love for food and it translates to a love and a quest for nice sea-facing places to eat. In Goa there is no dearth of sea-facing places to eat, considering it’s the one place in India known for it’s beach shacks. But the story takes a different turn when you want some good, reasonably-priced food and just a vantage point to watch the sea without getting your feet to even touch the sand.

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Enter Eva Café. On our last trip in Goa, almost every morning started with “Mission Breakfast Place”. One such mission done through Google and Zomato, led the husband to Eva Café. All he told me was that people are saying great things about it, and it’s one of the few places still open in May. Thanks to navigation, we reached a dead point in a quiet part of Anjuna, from which the only way to reach the café was on foot. Through a few winding lanes, we finally landed at Eva Café.



A guideline to life’s philosophy that you might end up pondering on, at this beautiful place


First glance at the place and I was sold. Call it a glorified shack but it was beautiful. Airy, sunny, well-lit and greeting visitors with some life philosophy of “Live Love Laugh” on the main pillar, we walked into a small café made up of approximately 6-8 tables and a few lounge chairs. We decided to get the chairs with the best view even though the heat that day diminished the joy of that seat by a bit. Plonking our feet on the ledge we just relaxed with the sea and the rocks right in front of us. It was beautiful and truly Bohemian!

We ordered for a egg, tomato and mozzarella sandwich and a banana peanut butter sandwich along with some coffee and hot chocolate.



Egg, tomato and Mozarella sandwich served with a side of fresh green salad – a filling start to the day


The egg sandwich came with a generous slathering of cheese, tomato slices and boiled egg stuffed in well-toasted nice thick organic bread. The bread tasted fresh and the green tahini-type salad was refreshing in the morning. All in all, a good filling breakfast for my hungry husband.



The legendary combination of peanut butter, honey and banana made this sandwich irresistable


The banana peanut butter sandwich was absolutely yum! Of late I have become a big fan of this combination. The thick bread was an amazing encasing. The peanut butter was rich and smooth while the banana gave it just the right amount of mush.



Cup of americano served with a dot cookie


Of the drinks, the hot chocolate was a little disappointing as I couldn’t really taste much of chocolate in it. The coffee was expectedly good and was served with what I like to call a dot cookie (tiny enough to look like just a dot).

Finally we got out of those chairs only when the sun made it uncomfortably hot for us to be there any more. But, if you are a sea watcher and listener like me, this place will feel like home!

Name: Eva Cafe

Specialty: Sandwiches

Address: Dmello Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa 403509


Variety: 4/5

Veg/Non Veg: Both

Value for money: 3.5/5

Food quality: 4/5

Overall rating: 4/5


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