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The art of food – Artjuna, Goa

It has been a very busy and a hectic time for me personally and unfortunately the casualty of that has been my regularity with updating Bohemian Foodies. However, no more so! There are a lot of exciting posts lined up, which will be served right up.

Starting with our favourite holiday destination – Goa! Since we live in Mumbai, not only is it reachable in a jiffy and absolutely light on the pocket, it’s also one destination which has it all. You want an area with a lot of people and an active night life? Go to North Goa. You want pristine beaches with lesser people and peaceful environs, go to South Goa. You want to eat cheap, enough beach shacks are there to give you the view and fill you up with decent food. You want the latest trendy food or niche healthy food, there is a thriving food industry ready to experiment and also to give you a fine dining experience. Yes, this is another ode to Goa.

So a few months back, in May we were in Goa and staying in a hotel in Baga with not a very good breakfast option. This was also a trip where we finally hired a car which gave us far more mobility than the earlier trips. So, every morning we would be hunting up on zomato for good breakfast options that would also be open in May. One place we ended up going to multiple times, during our short stay was the Artjuna café in the nearby locale of Anjuna.

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Artjuna – a smart mashup of Art and Anjuna – is a wide sprawling traditional Goan house converted into a tastefully done up lifestyle boutique and a lively open-air café. The brain child of Moshe and his wife Anastasia, Artjuna started it’s journey as a location to showcase their handmade leather goods as well as provide a platform for other art designers. Today it is a hub for not just locally designed goods but also fresh organic food as well as a lot of activities like yoga and movie night. Even at 8:30 on a hot summer morning, the place was buzzing with people and yet it also looked like the perfect place to relax and people watch.

Coming to the food, in our multiple visits to the café for breakfast, some of the things we ordered were: Artjuna breakfast, green omelette, eggs sunny side up, waffles with butter and maple syrup,.



The hearty and filling Artjuna breakfast


Order the Artjuna breakfast if you are really hungry because it is quite a mouthful! The tuna sandwich (selection made by the husband) came as thick slabs of bread encasing the fish. The watermelon juice was refreshing and the Americano meant we finally got a taste of the beautiful aroma swirling around in the café. It was a fresh and hearty affair.



The delightful green omelette was an amazing combination of pesto and eggs


Coming to the eggs, you can’t really go wrong with a sunny side up and they didn’t. However, the green omelette was one of the most interesting egg-creations I have had in a long time! As promised, the omelette really was green in colour. In this clever innovation they mixed up some pesto while whipping up some eggs and fried together it was a fantastic concoction! Served with a slab of bread, that was truly a foodie moment for me on the trip.



The thin crunchy waffles with a dollop of butter and maple syrup


The waffles were one of the thinnest I have eaten. In a plate, they served four small, thin heart-shaped waffles. They were dry enough to form good holding pockets for the maple syrup and the butter. For a sweet tooth, they provided a perfect start to the day. Finishing it off with a cup of Americano turned out to be a good idea.

All in all, if in the Calangute-Candolim-Baga stretch, this place is a fantastic option for some good healthy food and a nice laid back arty vibe. Would I go back to it? In a heartbeat.

Name: Artjuna

Specialty: Artjuna breakfast, Green omelette

Address: 940, Market Rd, Monteiro Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa 403509


Variety: 4/5

Veg/Non Veg: Both

Value for money: 4/5

Food quality: 4.5/5

Overall rating: 4/5








2 comments on “The art of food – Artjuna, Goa

  1. Sudhir Chauhan
    September 19, 2017

    that food looks so nice and yummy…….


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