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Super Samosas at Gurukripa – Sion, Mumbai

Quick question. If you are in Mumbai, watching a movie at any of the city’s iconic or new age cinema halls, what is your best bet for a snack during  the interval? Simple answer: the quintessential Samosa. Would you believe it if I told you that one little shop has been the champion for making and supplying these small spicy potato filled flour triangles to most of the cinema halls for many decades now. That is the foodie joint we decided to visit a few days back – Guru Kripa in Sion

Sample this for a legendary food story -A young man Nevandram Wadhwa left everything he owned in Karachi (including multiple small eateries) during India’s partition, to move and start over again in the new independent India. Coming from a background of catering, he surveyed cities like Jaipur, Delhi, Baroda and a few others before setting sights on Mumbai to make it their foodie hub.As time passes, Nevandram Wadwa’s two sons went on to start two new eateries next to each other in a Sindh and Tamilian locality in Mumbai, both of which are today famous through the city for their samosas.


The legendary Guru Kripa restaurant, with the red neon sign visible from a distance

The present-day Guru Kripa was started in 1975 and it has managed to create an appeal across the board, be it politicians, Bollywood stars, college students or a pauper looking for a cheap eat. It continues to deliver more than 30,000 samosas everyday to cinema halls across the city. Legend has it, that after a particularly successful Amitabh Bachchan movie, the owner of Gurukripa visited the stars’ house with a basket full of his tasty samosas as a mark of gratitude for AB’s stellar performance that was leading to full houses thereby increasing the consumption of samosas in the cinema hall. Bollywood legend Raj Kapoor is known to have been a regular at this eatery & Romance king Dilip Kumar was a fan of some of their sweets including the falooda and gulab jamun.


The takeaway counter serving the ready chaat items, always milling with people

The shop is on a corner with a red neon sign that makes it easy to spot. In the day time, it is filled with kids from the neighbouring colleges while evenings sees enough people milling in and around for samosas, chaat, sweets and other Sindhi delicacies. On display is an array of sweets and a buzzing takeaway counter with some tables for people in a hurry. Step inside and you will see a non-AC as well as an AC seating section.


The trademark Guru Kripa samosa chhole garnished with onions and served with tamarind and mint chutneys

We went for two of their best known and our favourite dishes – the samosa chhole and Tikki chhole. The samosas were not as big as a lot of the other places serve, but it is true that the best things come in small packages. These little pockets fried to golden perfection were stuffed with a mildly spiced potato mixture andserved with a spicy chickpea gravy, green spicy chutney and red tamarind chutney, a combination that makes for a delightful hot snack.


The yummy tikki chhole which hit the mark nicely

The tikki chhole hit the spot as well. The “tikki” was an in-between of sorts between a Mumbai pattice and a Delhi tikki. The Mumbai pattice is only potato, yellow and lightly shallow fried, whereas the Delhi tikki, is generally stuffed with a spicy lentil mixture and deep fried to a crispy gold. The Guru Kripa tikki was only potato, shallow fried but much crispier than the regular Mumbai version. It was served with the trademark chhole (chickpea curry) and the two chutneys, making it an epic mix.

There are some eateries that have become a part of Mumbai’s DNA. Gurukripa is one such eatery, which lives up to the promise of serving the best samosa chhole and tikki chhole in the city. PERIOD!

Name: Guru Kripa

Specialty: Samosa chhole, Tikki chhole

Address: 40, Guru Kripa Building, Road 24, Near SIES College, Sion, Mumbai


Variety: 4/5

Veg/Non Veg: Veg

Value for money: 4/5

Food quality: 4.5/5

Overall rating: 4/5


Guru Kripa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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